Prop and light set dressing for Mumbo Jumbo

Prop and light set dressing for Mumbo Jumbo satire of Breaking News

Not for Profit – TV Trailer

Not For Profit is a TV pilot shot in Stockholm Sweden as a collaboration between England and Sweden.

Youtube edit for johnny watchers’ the late nat show the late nat show

Animation & Modelling for IMAX Cyberworld in 3D

Stereoscopic 3D modeling and animation for IMAXs technology display Cyberworld in 3D of its new 3D system. Video Link

Film Feature Intro for Guzzo Cinemas

I was hired to create the animated intro for Guzzo Cinemas. I created everything from the animation to the final surround sound mix.

Baby Sling

Baby sling for comfort and safety to aid in carrying infant chairs and transporters.

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